Monday, October 3, 2011

Parisian Boutiques for Children

The section I'm writing on the Marais goes on and on and on and on....I've given myself two more days to finish it. I may just delete the addresses that don't fit into my self-imposed deadline. Those unlucky boutiques will never know the difference.

I've been admiring the wares from a shop called Petit Pan. I'm a sucker for Asian-inspired children's wear. This one features clothes and accessories that are especially cute and colorful!

Petit Pan, 39 and 76, rue François Miron, 75004,,

What happens when a Chinese kite designer meets a Belgian artist and they settle in Paris? Petit Pan. The concept was inspired by a newborn’s ensemble, handmade by Pan Gang's mother in China, for the birth of the couple’s first son. Artist Myriam de Loor recalls her first reaction, “I loved the richness of the print: small, sparkling, bold patterns and bright colors, just the way I like them. I was amazed by this comfortable and cozy outfit worn by children in faraway lands.”

I love the mobiles made with bamboo and hand-painted silk.


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