Sunday, September 11, 2011

When in Paris...a book update

Suckers, not Cigarettes
Rodin Museum Garden
(photo by Becky Murphy)

Sunday, September 11, 2011, 12:43am.

I'm working on the third main section of my new book, "The Little Bookroom Guide to Paris with Children,"–the Marais/Bastille/Pompidou districts of Paris. I just calculated that at a lightning-speed 15 minutes per listing, it will take me 22 hours to complete it. At an average 3.5 hours of work-time available per day (squeezed between 3 children, new-home renovations and life stuff: transport, emotional and physical care of said 3 children, bills, business) we are talking 6.3 days (September 17, donc). My manuscript deadline is (was) September 30th. With 6 remaining areas (after the Marais), I don't even have to do the math; should I cry now or later?

Time is...precious...irreplaceable–and the future is unpredictable (thinking of health mostly); the good news (for me) is that I'm squeezing my work in between my three beautiful girls.

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