Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Paris 2011: Food

I should be entirely devoted to writing this book (The Little Bookroom Guide to Paris with Children) right now, which I am....it's yet another midnight however; I'm tired and I need some inspiration.

Here are a few of my favorite photos of food! from the trip. I'll probably be posting pictures more than writing in the coming months as my deadline looms. By the way, I can't wait to make my first stateside-batch of macarons (see last pics)! Anyone up for a tasting?

Boulangerie, corner of Rue Vaugirard & Rue Madame, 75006

Amorino, Buci, 75006 (for you–Cheers, Kristyn)

Macarons, Boulangerie Guerineau, 75006

les frites

Tartine, Bistro des Amis, 75006

Tarte au Citron Meringuée, Le Loir dans la Théière, 75004

Macaron class #1 at La Cuisine Paris, a gift from my dear friend, Becky 'your macarons are so round!' Murphy –we studied (and met) in Paris in 1995)

Macaron class #2 at l'Atelier des Gâteaux, 75006

l'Atelier des Gâteaux, 75006

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Traveling with Children

One of the best things about traveling with children is that they force you to do things you wouldn't have done otherwise–cheesy things–like having a portrait painted at Place du Tertre, in Montmartre.

I guess I’ve fancied myself too sophisticated a traveler...a quasi-local...I always thought of it as embarrassingly touristy. Enter my 6-year-old daughter. Within 45 seconds Madeleine had talked me into a portrait and was seated before an artist. Five minutes later I found myself overcome with an acute sense of joy, understanding that we were indelibly recording the memory of this extraordinary day that we had shared in ink...in chalk. Madeleine had taken me off-checklist and on-detour to what she wanted to see: an obscure park, a children's boutique, a crêpe stand.

Photos end up piled in drawers, at least mine do. Paintings, especially one of your child, are framed and hung. I had gone to Paris to share my favorite city with my daughters, to take them down discreet, off-path streets that have always enchanted me. This day I had planned to show ‘my’ Paris to Madeleine–instead she shared hers with me.

Be open to the Paris your child wants to see.