Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trip Shopping

The apartment is secured. Apartment searching is unquestionably the most time-consuming part of trip preparations. We are staying in the 6th arrondissement, not too far from Luxembourg Gardens for the kids, not too far from my favorite dumpy café, Le Fleurus.

I'm taking two things I've never brought along. Black-out fabric for the window in baby/kids' rooms and night lights. I tried to find a nightlight on our last trip for Juliette, but I couldn't find anything for less than 20E-25E--that's around $30-$35--ridiculous, but not surprising. I couldn't bring myself to buy one while I was there. Juliette ended up sleeping in my bed anyway.

Adequate sleep changes everything. I'm taking steps to make that possible this go-around.

Here is what I'm taking:

54'' Wide Black Out Drapery Fabric Ivory By The Yard
(thinking about bringing clips to be able to secure the fabric)


  1. Smart! Do you ever use a sound machine for Charlotte? I also started giving Antoni baby camomile tea from Safeway with stevia. He loves it and I think it helps him sleep.

  2. Your plans are coming along! Very exciting!