Thursday, October 21, 2010

Small-Batch Post Follow up!

Here are a few follow ups to some previous Small-Batch Posts.

1.Packing for Kids

I recommended using packing cubes to keep better organized in this post. I personally have ebags' packing cubes, but I mentioned a less expensive option from Rick Steves.

My good friend purchased the Rick Steves' for a trip. She said there was such a strong chemical smell on the cubes when they arrived that she decided to rinse them out. Unfortunately, the color bled terribly and stained her bathtub black! She is still trying to remove the stains! Don't buy the Rick Steves--go for the ebags brand.

2. My Two Favorite Coffee Stops

I shared my love for the iced coffee at Crave Café in this post. I had sampled an affogato which was delicious, but never a straight espresso. I ordered one at Prado, the resort's restaurant, a few weeks back. Sad to say, it was no bueno: bitter, chalky, just not good. I broke with habit earlier this week and ordered a peppermint mocha at Crave and it was TERRIBLE. The kind of tasteless sock juice you can only toss in the garbage. My husband stands by the drip coffee, I am still a big fan of the iced coffee--but be careful if you venture beyond these two choices.

3. Charlotte in Paris

The Flora and Henri silver Zepplin sneakers in this post are still too cute for words. Still, at $150, I wouldn't buy them. If you have children, you know how quickly their feet grow. It's just too extravagant for me, so I found some less expensive options. All three of these can be found at You can get an extra 30% off of these prices if you google Shoebuy coupon codes before buying:

4. Travel-friendly Baby Food

I featured organic baby purées from Ella's Kitchen in this post. Since then I've found two more options:

Plum Organics sells flavors similar to Ella's for $1.39. I've found Plum at Whole Foods and Target for the same price.
Happy Baby makes this organic purée pouch. I found them at Target for $1.08, which makes them the least expensive.

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