Friday, October 8, 2010

Charlotte in Paris

I wish we were going to Paris this fall but alas, it will have to wait until next summer. Fall offers the best clothes for little girls. As I was looking online this week for some warmer duds for Charlotte, my daydreams turned to Paris.

If I were taking little C on her first trip to the city of lights, here are some of my picks for her. To my mother’s chagrin, I would probably dress my kids in gray every day. It looks especially good when the sky decides to coordinate.

I like to buy things that she will wear over and over again and eventually ruin or wear out; If I fear for either of those happening, I’m not allowed to buy it. If you're looking for more inspiration for children's clothes, check out the site: It features hundreds of designers and stores on one site.


  1. Adorable! I think she should wear them even if she's not in Paris...:)

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