Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Travel Necessity: Envirosax Bags

I haven't taken a trip in the last two years without one of these beautiful and portable bags. At home they function as reusable grocery bags--on the road they have become a beach, diaper, shopping and carry-on bag. Each one can hold up to 44 lbs and fold up into a neat little 4" package.

For chronic international airport over-shoppers like my mom, Envirosax are a handy way to bring your impulse purchases onto the plane. I usually get them at (great offers make them ultra-affordable).

Here are the specs from the site:

Envirosax Bloom is the newest Envirosax 5pk set from the popular reusable bag company. The bright jewel tone colors are lively in rich hues of reds, pinks, browns, golds and oranges. Each Envirosax Bloom bag is created from durable polyester holding up to 44 pounds and has the roominess of 2 regular plastic bags!

Envirosax are printed with ecofriendly inks and dyes via a sublimation process which ensures the colorful design will not fade when washed. The matching wristlet carrying pouch measures 9" x 6" and features snaps to keep 5 rolled up bags inside.

Envirosax Bloom Bags measure 19.5" x 16.5" when open and roll up and snap shut to a very compact 4" x 1.5" when closed.Handwash recommended to extend the life of the bag.

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