Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bardenay: Boise Restaurant-Distillery

When we are in Boise, we have a short list of restaurants. Near the top is Bardenay, the first restaurant-distillery in the U.S. Bardenay distills its own rum, vodka and gin on site. Its name is sailors’ slang for cocktail. The restaurant’s owner Kevin Settles describes it this way: “our food and drinks are a reflection of where we live--comforting, affordable yet somewhat sophisticated--in an Idaho sort of way.”

Bardenay’s original location is housed in a renovated warehouse with a Northwestern vibe on the Basque block in downtown Boise. It’s a relaxed yet cosmopolitan kind of spot--you kind of forget you are on a quiet street in the middle of Idaho.

Bardenay Eagle is about 15 minutes from downtown and sits on the bank of the Boise river. You can walk right around the outside and fish from the sandy banks if you have a hankering.

What’s better than a cocktail in the afternoon when you’re on vacation? The indulgence of it is so glorious. Our resident gin expert, Joe Gozdowiak, opted for a martini to “taste the purity” of Bardenay’s product. He chose the Blue Cheese-stuffed olives over the Basque-seasoned olives and gave the concoction his rousing approval. The food was fresh and delicious across the board--satay, burgers and salads.

One personal note--Bardenay’s website is all wrong-totally incongruent with the ambience of the place--look beyond it and stop in if you’re in the area.


Downtown Boise

610 Grove Street


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