Thursday, July 22, 2010

Newport Beach: Alta Coffee Warehouse and Roasting Company

You'd think I'd find a decent breakfast place after 14 years of summer vacations in Newport Beach. I finally did. Alta is a cozy café/restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and is open most days until 10pm.

The words 'roasting company' gave me high hopes for the coffee. The drip was tasty--no sock juice here ($1.50). My single mocha, however, was weak and a bit too sweet ($3).

The café has an inviting outdoor patio with about ten tables for parties of two to four. If you're sun-shy like me, you'll find some areas of the patio too exposed. Service at Alta was leisurely but friendly.

I found the breakfast burrito filled with black beans, rice, veggie sausage,avocado and salsa, hearty and flavorful ($7.25). Ingredients were fresh and the portion large. My kids weren't crazy about their buckwheat pancakes but they gobbled up the scrambled eggs and bacon. Overall, I was pleased--I'll be back at Alta next summer.

Alta Coffee Warehouse and Roasting Company
506 31st Street
Newport Beach, CA 92663

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